Well I did it, I made a blog! So here I am to welcome you, and thank you for visiting my blog!

Why did I start a blog? Well, I guess I started it because I have a very deep mind that is ALWAYS thinking and never stopping. Sometimes I have thoughts that stay hidden deep inside the corridors of my mind and sometimes I have thoughts that just need to come out onto paper. Those thoughts, the thoughts that want to break free, they are the thoughts that I am ready to share with the world. The thoughts that are still locked away, well I hope by sharing daily blogs with you beautiful people, it will help unlock those corridors and put me on a path to further healing. This is very scary for me and honestly, I feel extremely vulnerable by putting all of my feelings and emotions out there. However, if I have learned anything in the 26 years that I have been on this beautiful planet, it is that God has a purpose for everything! All the joy that we encounter and all the pain we encounter, it is all placed on our path for a purpose. By putting myself out there into the blogging world, by making myself vulnerable I am opening myself up for judgement, criticism, and negativity from people. At the same time I am opening this huge door to possibly reach at least ONE person who can relate to the struggles that I have been through, and maybe by reading my story he or she can find the strength they need to move toward healing themselves. If I am able to reach one person by sharing my story, if I am able to help one person start their journey to healing, then that my friends makes this absolutely worth it.

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